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Town of Kickapoo

Board Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2015 6:30 PM

Kickapoo Town Hall

Attendance: Burdette Nelson, Jeff Clements, Andy Kellogg, Alan Buss

Meeting called to order at 6:38PM by Clements

Proof of Proper Notice was presented

Welcome to Visitors - No Visitors present

Approve Minutes of February 10, 2015 Board Meeting motion by Kellogg seconded by Clements

Date for Spring Clean Up - April 18, 2015, Notice will be in the paper the two weeks before.

Treasurers Report - Karene presented the balances of our accounts.

Assessment Resolution - Tabled till a later date.

Roads Report - Weight limits are now in effect.

Approve accounts payable - $17,929.98 Motion by Kellogg seconded by Nelson

Next meeting date April 21st, 2015

Motion to adjourn at 7:23 by Kellogg, seconded by Nelson

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