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Town of Kickapoo

Board Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2016 6:30 PM

Kickapoo Town Hall

Attendance: Burdette Nelson, Jeff Clements, Andy Kellogg, Alan Buss, Karene Uhe, Troy Hughs, Mitch Maab, Randy Schwarz

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM

Visitors: Mitch Maab to report on the the fire department, equipment has been ordered. Things have been fairly quiet lately. There was one fire in a corn crib. They are applying for another grant for an engine/squad. October 22nd is the chili supper.

Minutes from September 13, 2016, motion to approve minutes as read by Kellogg, seconded by Clements

Treasurer’s Report: The account balances were reported, it looks like the state will increase the road aids by about $88 per mile.

Updating computer for office: Al will start looking for a new computer for the office. The current one is no longer supported and many software programs are not able to be updated.

Approve accounts payable -- motion to approve accounts payable $31,423.23 by Nelson seconded by Kellogg.

Roads report: The flood has made the roads a mess, all but Drake are passable. We’re working on it….

Building Permits:

Larry Peterson

E7988 Espe Road


Louis Shields

E10428 McCarty Road

Pole Shed

Convene to closed session, Reconvene to open session: Motion to pay poll workers $10 per hour, recycle workers will be paid $60 per session by Kellogg, seconded by Nelson.

Motion to adjourn at 8:17PM by Nelson, seconded by Clements.

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