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Town of Kickapoo

Board Meeting Minutes – February 14, 2017 6:30 PM

Kickapoo Town Hall

Attendance: Burdette Nelson, Jeff Clements, Andy Kellogg, Alan Buss, Karene Uhe

Visitors: Levi Hochstetler, Monique Hassman, Scott Noe, Noah Borntreger, Ben Borntreger, Kevin Bluske

Proof of proper notice was provided

Welcome to visitors - Some people expressed concern over the condition of Sugar Grove Road and what maintenance will be done. Some sections will go back to gravel and some gravel will be added after the seal coat is broken up. Sugar Grove road does get a lot of truck of traffic. We will put chloride on the hills to help set up the gravel.

Kevin Bluske - Rural Insurance review insurance - we reviewed our current coverage, everything is in order.

Motion to approve January 10, 2017 minutes by Kellogg, seconded by Clements.

Road Report - load limits will be coming soon.

Approve accounts payable - motion to approve accounts payable of $17,332.70 by Nelson, seconded by Clements

Motion to adjourn at 8:09 by Kellogg, seconded by Clements.

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