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Code of Ordinances, Town of Kickapoo, Vernon County, Wisconsin

TITLE 1, Chapter 2 – Ordinance Adopting Code of Ordinances…………….Page 1-2-1







Ordinance No. 2003-1


     The town board of the Town of Kickapoo, Vernon County, Wisconsin, does hereby ordain as follows:

The code (or partial code) of ordinance in book form entitled, “Town of Kickapoo Code of Ordinances”, having been placed on file and open to public inspection in the office of the town clerk for a period of two weeks commencing, September 2, 2003 ,pursuant to Wis. Stat. #66.0103, is hereby adopted as the general (partial) code of ordinances in and for the Town of Kickapoo, Vernon County, Wisconsin.

     This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and posting (or publication) as required by law.



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