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Ordinance 2003-3



Town of Kickapoo

Building Permit Ordinance




Section 1.    Title and Purpose

Section 2.    Authority

Section 3.    Building Permit Application Required

Section 4.    Minimum Requirements for Issuance of Building Permit

Section 5.    Procedure and Fees

Section 6.    Penalties

Section 7.    Effective Date






This ordinance is entitled the Town of Kickapoo Building Ordinance.


The purpose of the ordinance is to protect the health, safety and welfare of township residents by assuring that any construction in the Town of Kickapoo will comply with:


A.     County sanitary permit requirements

B.     County and state floodplain, wetland and shore land zoning requirements

C.     Any state-mandated or county zoning ordinances that exist at the time of construction

D.     State building plan approval procedures for commercial building or residential      

      building with three or more living units

E.      Minimum township requirements for driveway access and site development

F.      Town efforts to locate and record buildings for purposes of providing emergency services and for assessment purposes


This ordinance will also set forth an orderly procedure for obtaining a building permit and will establish permit fees and penalties for failure to obtain a required permit.





The Town Board of the Town of Kickapoo has been granted village powers pursuant to Sec 60.10 Wisconsin Statutes and has the specific authority, powers and duties to regulate, prohibit, and restrict construction, alteration, erection, and enlargement of certain structures and buildings in the Town of Kickapoo and to act for the health, safety, and welfare of the public.



This requirement applies to all types of buildings, including but not limited to buildings constructed on site, buildings constructed or manufactured elsewhere and moved to the site, mobile homes, modular and manufactured buildings.


If the building will be used as a dwelling, (use MFL definition for dwelling) the Wisconsin Administrative Building Permit Application form will be used.  For other buildings a Town of Kickapoo Building Permit Application form will be used.


All buildings or structures, regardless of their intended use or size, must meet the minimum requirements listed before a Building Permit will be issued.


A Building Permit is not required for a temporary shelter used for camping or recreation.  Examples of temporary shelters are recreation vehicles, tents, and camping trailers.

A shelter is NOT considered temporary if it is left on the property for more than 30 consecutive days or for more than a total of 150 days in a year.  Any attempt to circumvent the purpose and spirit of the “temporary shelter” exception will be resolved by requiring an Application for Building Permit for a single-family dwelling.


A Building Permit will be good for one year from the date of issue.  If the building is not completed during that time period, a new application and new permit will be required.  For purposes of this provision a building is considered complete when the exterior work is complete.





NO Building Permit will be issued until the following requirements have been satisfied:


A.     Applicant must submit a properly completed application form accompanied by the designated fee.


B.     Applicant must submit a copy of sanitary permit obtained from the Vernon County Zoning Department for dwellings or written waiver from the County Zoning Office.


Applicant must provide written verification from the Vernon County Zoning Department that the proposed building is in compliance with county floodplain, shore land and wetland ordinances and other state mandated or county ordinances that might be relevant to the building site.


C.     Unless an approved driveway already exists to provide access to the property,

The applicant must FIRST obtain a Driveway Permit from the Kickapoo Town Board (if driveway enters from a town road) or from the appropriate county or state office (if the driveway enters from county or state highway).  The driveway must then be completed and approved BEFORE building construction begins.


This page revised 5-05-04        






 D. If the proposed building is a commercial building or a residential building with

      three or more living units, the town will be guided by the State of Wisconsin’s

      building plan approval procedures.



  E. SETBACKS. No construction will be allowed within 25 feet of a town road right-of-way line. (Example, in the case of a three rod road, the right-of-way line is approximately 25 feet from the centerline of the road. Therefore, no construction would be allowed within 50 feet of the road's centerline.) No construction will be allowed within 30 feet of any of the other boundaries of parcel or lot.


 F. By signing the application, the applicant agrees that all construction materials will be staged and stored in an orderly manner that will prevent them from wind blown debris and will not create an environmental hazard or aesthetic nuisance.





Applicant must submit properly completed Building Permit Application, along with necessary Vernon County Permits.  Action will be taken in issuance of permit within 30 days of receipt of properly completed forms.  The Town Clerk will issue the permit and construction may begin.


The permit must be prominently displayed at the construction site.



FEES: The Building Permit fee of $10.00 will be charged for any expenditure on improvements in excess of $500 and will take effect with the adoption of this ordinance.


If permit is applied for AFTER beginning construction, the fee will be $250.00.  Construction must stop immediately until the Building Permit is approved.  If any changes are subsequently required by the terms of the permit, all changes will be made at the applicant’s expense.


Fees will be reviewed annually by the Town Board to see that the fee is sufficient to cover the costs of administration. 





Any building structure constructed, erected, or placed on land in the Town of Kickapoo in violation of any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deemed an unlawful building or structure.


Any person who constructs, erects, or places a building or structure on land in the Town of Kickapoo in violation of any provision of this Ordinance shall be required to forfeit not less that $10 or more than $100 for the first offense; and not less than $100 or more than $150 for subsequent offences.  Each day a violation continues constitutes a separate offense. These forfeitures are in addition to the Permit Fees listed above.                                                         


This ordinance shall take effect after adoption by the Board of Town of Kickapoo and
posting as required by law.

Vote:       For __3__    Against __0__
Adopted:    11-3- 03__________



Town Chairman, Kenneth T. Anderson

Town Supervisor, Burdette M. Nelson

Town Supervisor, Donald Clements

Town Clerk, Doreen M. O’Donnell

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P.O. Box 1 Readstown, WI 54652 Phone: 608-629-5848