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MFL Definition for Dwelling


 Any building containing five or more of the eight
characteristics shown below are considered to be "developed for human
residence" according to Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 46.15(9).

 "Developed for human residence" excludes storage or workshop buildings,

however, if there is living space as part of such buildings, the living space will be compared against the eight
characteristics listed below.

   Check any characteristics that apply to the building.


1.800 square feet or more in total area, using exterior dimensions of
living space, including each level, and not including porches, decks, or
un-insulated screen porches.

2. Indoor plumbing including water & sewer, piped to either municipal
or septic system.
3. Central heating or cooling, including electric heat, furnace or
other heater with a circulation system.

4. Full or partial basement, excluding crawl spaces and frost walls.

5. Electrical service by connection to the lines of a power company.

6.Attached or separate garage, not to include buildings for vehicles
used primarily for work or recreation the property.

7. Telephone service based locally.
8.Insulated using common insulation products.


















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